Friday, January 2, 2015

Let's play!

   Hello and happy new year! Is this really 2015? Has it really been a few years since I was last a part of the internet? I guess it has. And oh what a vacation it was! But like all good vacations, they eventually end. So I'm back and hopefully I am here to stay. I have a handful of new ideas and a new enthusiasm. When I first started doing Boxpunx I dedicated myself to posting something new every day. It didn't have to be a new toy, just a blog post saying something at the very least. It was a lot of fun, and now that I have a new computer and my own place, I think I can finally start doing it again.

   Just to make a long story short, for a long time I was moving around a lot and wasn't able to really set up my computer and work. And when I did get the opportunity, my computer stopped working properly. So after a number of false starts, I decided to just wait until I had a new machine and my own apartment. And here we are now! I waited a while to make sure nothing went wrong, and for the most part nothing has. I like to think that my bad luck spell has passed and it's time to cast a new one.

   So what is the plan now? Well... first I plan to do a BEST OF BOXPUNX series. Can I get away with some rehashing? We shall see. Very few of my models are currently available since I choose not to pay for my website one year and it faded away. That was a hard decision but I really needed to use that money for other things at the time. I don't want to just upload all the series again, not yet at least, instead I want to take a look at some of my personal favorites. I will start uploading some of the blanks, then dive into the series and special editions.

   After that I hope to make a new series using the IMPS template. I made that template right before going on vacation, and didn't really do a whole lot with it, but always wanted to. Before the end of the month I should have a video camera in my possession so I also plan to make some how-to videos and upload them to YouTube. And over time I hope to make more and more interesting videos, since that seems to be the format of the moment. Everyone is making YouTube videos now and I find it very inspiring. I love the idea of creating something and then immediately sharing with your audience, without having to go through a bunch of people in suits and ties first, while they debate over whether or not what you've done is profitable and worth showing to an audience.

   To the Boxpunx fans, I apologize for disappearing. Please trust that it was the right thing to do at the right time. I am going to plunge myself back into this 100%, so if you are still with me, I hope you are ready to take a whole new ride.

Let's play!