Sunday, March 22, 2015

Boxpunx TV episode 3

Episode 3 is now online!

This time around we are building the IMPS model. I even made a brand new one for the video. How long did that take? I think it has been nine days since the last one. Technically I finished last night so I almost managed to do everything in a week. Either way I am pleased with the result.

Here is the model for this episode:

If anyone wants me to upload any other older models, please leave comments below the videos! Otherwise I am going to take a break from that stuff and focus on my little TV show. Eventually I will have to make an episode that isn't about papercraft. I wonder what that will be like...

Friday, March 13, 2015

Boxpunx TV episode 2

Boxpunx TV episode 2 is now online!

Sorry for the small absence, but I really wanted to just focus on the next video and see how long it would take to crank out another. And it really didn't take that long. Almost two weeks? At some point I will decide on a schedule, maybe. In this episode we look at the Glueless 2.0 model, which is very similar to the first one, but with a few differences.

Here is the template for the models built in episode two. I'm off to make the next one so if I get time I will post something but otherwise I plan to work on episode three until it is done. If all goes well I would like to post a new video every week, not every two weeks. Let's see if I can make it.

So until next time, take care and enjoy the show!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Boxpunx TV episode 1

At last, the first episode of Boxpunx TV is complete and uploaded to Youtube. In it I go over all the steps necessary to assemble the first glueless Boxpunx template. It may be slow in some parts, but keep in mind what's clear to you may not be clear to another, so I thought it best to go into a bit of detail so everything is clear to everyone. Plus it's my first video so gimme a break! Anyway I hope you like it, and if you are a person who has tried to build this model and had issues, hopefully this video will help you! Because that's what it is for: to make the complicated simple.

Here are the templates for two of the models that appear in the video. The blue model with the spiky hair can be downloaded by clicking here.

All right then. I guess it's time to go make episode number two! It will feature the glueless 2.0 model, which is a bit easier to build. I'll probably still post a model or two this week, so check back at some point!

Take care until next time.