Saturday, January 10, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 18

So one day I thought why not make some punk rock Boxpunx, This is the first model from Series Four, Chaching. Some of the model names make sense and some of them don't. That's okay isn't it? Really, you can call them whatever you want. If I remember correctly, I think I called this one Chaching because that was the word I said aloud when I had the idea to make a punk rock series. I love how the photos turned out with all the little flyers on the wall.

I am so thrilled that there have been so many visits to this site since I started blogging again. Initially I was planning on waiting until the Best of Boxpunx was done to start posting new models, but since the response has been overwhelming, I feel like I need to start posting new stuff sooner to make things even more interesting! I think on Monday I will post something new alongside something old. That will give me time to take some pictures...

I am a bit bored of posting just music videos as well. Here's something completely different that I watched last night. The Nostalgia Critic and the Cinema Snob reviewing the movie "Sharknado". I could care less about this movie, but this is a great review. You probably know who these guys are, but if not, they are very funny and entertaining.