Saturday, January 3, 2015

Drawing a blank

   I just uploaded a few models to the BLANK TEMPLATE section. There you will find the basic male and female versions of the glueless model, as well as a double-wide version. I also included two of the Imps templates in case anyone is interested in messing around with those. They are a bit more complicated to build than the basic ones, but they are still glueless.

I also uploaded a dozen images to the ART GALLERY section. All of those images and more can be purchased from my Society6 store.

Not much to say today really. Just wanted to upload a bit more content. Tomorrow I plan to upload the first BEST OF model and then go from there. I still haven't really told anyone I am doing this yet, so I guess my next step to advertise a little.

On my previous blog I would often end each post with a music video or a live performance or something musical, which is my way of infusing a little rock and roll into what I am doing, so I will leave you with a live performance of Slowdive doing a cover of Syd Barrett's "Golden Hair". It's just beautiful, in pretty much every way. And I really love Rachel Goswell's dress. Enjoy!