Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 9

Although the lil' Andy Warhol model is adorable, number 9 goes to my version of the Campbell's soup can. I like how it looks like someone wearing the can as a costume. "Boxpunx series 7: Innocence and Rainbows" was definitely ridiculous and over the top, just like the name. It was sort of a sixties and seventies inspired series and contains many of my favorite models. And in case you can't figure it out, the WWWD? on the template means "What Would Warhol Do?"

Here are some of the promotional images I created for this series.

I found the picture below online somewhere, and apologize to the family it belongs to. Sort of. I admit, all of these models are weird, but hopefully that gives them some sort of interesting character!

Disco Shoegaze!

A little (literally) tribute to Japanese robot and monster movies. 

 Cheech and Chong!

Spock and a red shirt!

Disco Superheroes, Glitter and Snow!

Again, a special thanks to Vin Breau for taking all these lovely pictures. And thank you to all the people who have been visiting this site! I plan to keep uploading stuff until my heart gives out (which is hopefully never going to happen) so even if you don't download any of the models there should always be some eye candy here to occupy your time for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Come back tomorrow for Best of Boxpunx number 8!