Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 1

Time to bring this list to an end. Best of Boxpunx number one is Ultima, specifically the instance of her from Final Fantasy XII. There are a lot of things to like about this model, but mainly I like how it really does look like who it should look like, even though it really, really shouldn't! I also love how she is just the right amount of both intricacy and ridiculousness. And, of course, she just plain looks cool.

Here's a couple of images of what Ultima looks like in the game.

And here's a couple of images of people cosplaying as Ultima. Yeah, I was shocked too.

Well alright. I guess it's time now to do something new. There will still be some occasional rehashing in the months to come because well, I won't be able to help it. There are still a lot of interesting models and honorable mentions that didn't make it into the top 24. I hope everyone enjoyed this month long look back.

Now into the future we go.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 2

Of all the basic Boxpunx models I have made, Metis from Pfan series 3 is my favorite. Sure, she has a few bells and whistles, but she is not too intricate. I am just really fond of how she turned out. Best Boxpunx ever? Nah, but an easy choice for number 2. If you don't know who she is, that's okay. Only half of us get to be Persona fans.

I hope all the little instructions and notes make sense!

Only one model left on our countdown. What is the number 1 Boxpunx? Come back tomorrow and find out! But don't expect to be too surprised. Not only do I think it is an obvious choice, I really do think it's the coolest one that I made. Will you agree? Maybe.

Maybe not.

Here's a video showing off the character Metis, if you want to compare mine to the real one. hehe

Monday, January 26, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 3

Best of Boxpunx number 3 is what I lovingly call the Boxpimp. I don't endorse pimping, but I don't ignore it either. This model is probably not very easy to build, even with instructions on the template, that may or may not make sense. Hopefully everyone can figure it out. If not, I apologize! Difficulty level aside, it's one of my all time favorites.

Even though the torso is pretty tricky, I bet it's the legs that give people the most trouble. All you got to do is wrap the colored part around the legs with bones drawn on it, and glue.

If all goes well, and it should, I'll be getting a camera this weekend and can start making instructional videos. I am so anxious to get started on that! I've also been sketching and scribbling some new model ideas, so look forward to some new stuff coming in February! And I will be continuing to upload old stuff too every now and again. I also want to do something brand new, so as soon as I figure out what that is, I'll post something about it. Anyway, thanks again for coming and maybe I'll see you again soon!

Here's the trailer for yet another game I've been messing around with a bit. It's a pixelated platformer called Crystal Catacombs. It's a hard one but fun.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 4

Number 4 is a tie! I hope everyone likes how I keep adding extra models to this roster, beyond the promised 24! Both of these guys were done a long time ago and use templates created by others. The top one, which I named "Precious Terror" was designed by Brian Castleforte, and the bottom one, dubbed "Pop Rock Boy" was designed by Chris Beaumont. They are both incredibly talented guys. These are two of my earliest models, and I am still quite pleased with how they turned out.

When you're done here, be sure to go check out their websites. You will be glad you did!

Have we actually made it to the top 3 Best of Boxpunx? Which three models could possibly be my favorites? Here's some hints: There is one from Series 7: Innocence and Rainbows, one from Series 6: My Virtual Memory, and of course there is one from the PersonaFAN series. One is tall, one is short, and one is pretty complicated.

Here's a trailer for another interesting game I have been playing, Echo of the Wilds. I can only describe it as a surreal survival psychedelic existential puzzler/rogue-like.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 5

I know I said I would probably be taking off Saturday and Sunday, but since I was home and pretty much doing nothing, I decided to go ahead and post number 5. Even though there are four models, I think of this as a single project. These are two of the characters from the animated series "Neon Genesis Evangelion", Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami.

The templates for their robot suits were designed by my very talented friend Nick Knite. I wanted to do a collaboration that was more than just drawing on someone else's template. I wanted to use both of our templates to create something thematic.This isn't the only time I did this, but it was one of the first, and one of the best. Nick and I have been involved in other projects together such as artbooks and skateboard decks. Check out his website if you aren't already familiar with his work.

 Thanks again to everyone for the overwhelming response! I noticed yesterday that there have been over 2500 visits to this site since I started posting again. This fills my heart with so much joy!!! It's amazing and awesome! Thanks so much. XXXOOO! And if you are downloading and building the models, I hope you're able to figure them all out!

I may or may not be back tomorrow with number 4, but I will definitely be back on Monday. So until next time, here's an interesting episode about Famicom/Nintendo multi-carts from another video series I have been watching, Pat the NES Punk.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 6

Could number 6 be anything other than Blackula? I just really like this guy's style. His hair, outfit, and face turned out great, I think. He is vicious and adorable. If you haven't noticed, this series really doesn't have any flapping tongues. This model was very pleased about that decision, because those teeth hurt.

Here are a few more of the models and promos for this series.

The Angel of Disco!

Punk Rock Hippies!

Kill Your Television!

The Prisoner!

I guess this means we are now at the TOP FIVE BOXPUNX according to me. Let me make this clear, this list is in no way intended to be accurate. It isn't really the top 24 so much as it's a walk down memory lane, featuring what I think is a broad spectrum of what I had done before now, while of course including what was impressive, in my humble opinion. So if some of my choices don't make sense to you, that's okay. This is Earth, and as you go through life, you will find that many things do not make sense. It's totally normal.

Here's a trailer for this really fun game I have been playing the heck out of recently. It's called "Dungeon of the Endless". It's a rogue-like, dungeon-crawling, pixel-art, board-game-esque, tower-defense-ish, Sci-fi thriller with high replay-ability. Check it out!

Maybe I should do a Let's Play of this game... Hmmm...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 7

Hello again and welcome back! Number 7 is Eddie from the video game Brutal Legend. This was one of my favorite games of the last generation. I loved the style, aesthetic, the open world, the challenging aspects and even the trophy challenges! I couldn't get enough of it, but eventually it ended, and I moved on to the next game. I included Ophelia as well, because she turned out pretty dang cool too.

It was another long day and I am on the verge of passing out! So, I am going to leave you with the trailer for this great game, and go get some sleep. Good night!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 8

Welcome back! Today's post is going to be short and sweet. Number 8 is my version of Emily the Strange, created by the very talented Rob Reger. If you are not familiar with this character, check out Rob's website. Click the link below to go there now!

There is a lot of cool stuff there to see!

Well I am entertaining guests tonight so I gotta run, but I will be back tomorrow with the Best of Boxpunx number 7. I can't wait! Can you?

Here's a review by Spoony a.k.a. Dr. Insano a.k.a. Noah Antwiler of a movie I watched last night. It's called "The Dungeon Master". Or "Rage War". Whatever you want to call it, it was terrible yet entertaining, and Noah's review of it is hilarious. Check out his website, THE SPOONY EXPERIMENT, for more hilarity.

(The movie is available on YouTube as well, but er, I can't actually recommend it, and the quality is really really really bad. Find and watch at your own risk!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 9

Although the lil' Andy Warhol model is adorable, number 9 goes to my version of the Campbell's soup can. I like how it looks like someone wearing the can as a costume. "Boxpunx series 7: Innocence and Rainbows" was definitely ridiculous and over the top, just like the name. It was sort of a sixties and seventies inspired series and contains many of my favorite models. And in case you can't figure it out, the WWWD? on the template means "What Would Warhol Do?"

Here are some of the promotional images I created for this series.

I found the picture below online somewhere, and apologize to the family it belongs to. Sort of. I admit, all of these models are weird, but hopefully that gives them some sort of interesting character!

Disco Shoegaze!

A little (literally) tribute to Japanese robot and monster movies. 

 Cheech and Chong!

Spock and a red shirt!

Disco Superheroes, Glitter and Snow!

Again, a special thanks to Vin Breau for taking all these lovely pictures. And thank you to all the people who have been visiting this site! I plan to keep uploading stuff until my heart gives out (which is hopefully never going to happen) so even if you don't download any of the models there should always be some eye candy here to occupy your time for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Come back tomorrow for Best of Boxpunx number 8!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 10

Number 10 is Teddie, from the game Persona 4. As you may or may not know, I have made a ton of models based on characters from the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games, and have chosen Teddie to represent them all! Mwahaha. Sure, there are some other really cool and crazy models in what I called the PersonaFAN series, but since this model is unique like the Goobbue previously, it deserves to be on this nonsensical list! This is definitely a template I plan to come back to and draw something completely different on one day.

Here's a few of the promotional images I made for my previous website for the PersonaFAN series.

Pfan parts 1 and 2 had a bunch of characters from primarily Persona 2 and 3, as well as the main characters from Persona 1, Soul Hackers, and Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (shown above).

PersonaFAN 3 focused on characters from Persona 4. I made all the main characters, their personas, and small stands for each character (shown below). It was an ambitious and colorful series indeed.

Pfan series 4 featured not only characters from previous series remade with a new, much taller template, it also featured almost all the characters from Capcom's fighting game Darkstalkers.

All of the characters were photographed in front of a screen displaying background images from various fighting games, like this one featuring Tatsuya and Lilith about to fight in the schoolyard.

See you tomorrow for Best of Boxpunx number 9!