Sunday, January 25, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 4

Number 4 is a tie! I hope everyone likes how I keep adding extra models to this roster, beyond the promised 24! Both of these guys were done a long time ago and use templates created by others. The top one, which I named "Precious Terror" was designed by Brian Castleforte, and the bottom one, dubbed "Pop Rock Boy" was designed by Chris Beaumont. They are both incredibly talented guys. These are two of my earliest models, and I am still quite pleased with how they turned out.

When you're done here, be sure to go check out their websites. You will be glad you did!

Have we actually made it to the top 3 Best of Boxpunx? Which three models could possibly be my favorites? Here's some hints: There is one from Series 7: Innocence and Rainbows, one from Series 6: My Virtual Memory, and of course there is one from the PersonaFAN series. One is tall, one is short, and one is pretty complicated.

Here's a trailer for another interesting game I have been playing, Echo of the Wilds. I can only describe it as a surreal survival psychedelic existential puzzler/rogue-like.