Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Best of Boxpunx number 21

   Here's a great pic by Vin Breau of all the Series Two models from way back. I decided to skip over these models because, well, none of them are my favorites. I like them, and each one has a meaning or a story behind it, but I didn't think any of them were "best of" material. Sure, the big pink mech is pretty cool, but since it is a seven sheet model and pretty dang complicated, it is disqualified. So we are skipping ahead to Series Three. This one is the Ninja!

   Unlike the first two series which were kind of random, this one had a theme. All the characters are role-playing game classes, or archetypes. They all had an anime-inspired look as well. I really liked how all the eyes turned out. Some of the models had capes, which admittedly were hard to figure out. so those are disqualified. So yeah, even if the model looked cool, I can't reasonably consider the tough ones to be the best of what I did. That makes sense right? Eventually some of the crazier models will make it back to this blog. There's always the potential for a "Best of part 2: The Tricky Ones." Hehe...

I hope the shoulder pads and helmet aren't too difficult to figure out. I put some extra instructions on the template to help, but if you can't figure it out just be patient. I will definitely do a video on how to make this model, and one about the crazy capes I mentioned above.  Regardless, you do not need the pieces below, they just add a bit more character to the character.^^

I have been watching a lot of YouTube over the past year, and honestly it's kind of silly posting these music videos when I could be posting something more interesting and entertaining. I am just doing it because that's how I used to do it, and it reminds me of good times now past. It seems perfect for the Best of Boxpunx theme. So, for twenty more models this is how it's going to be. And THEN I will try a bit harder, because we are evolving baby, whether we like it or not.

That said, this is Matt and Kim with "Let's Go".