Monday, February 9, 2015

The Obelisk

Here is yet another Egyptian themed model, the Boxpunx Obelisk. Most of my models have been given away to people or left behind in various places, but I still had this one, so I brought it outside earlier and took a few pictures of it. This model should be incredibly simple to build. I doubt I will be making a video for it.

Speaking of videos, as soon as I get this post done, I plan to start filming my first how-to video. I imagine the first one will turn out ridiculous, so I may have to make a few before I get it right, or to my liking, but I am shooting (no pun intended!) for Friday. And if I finish it sooner, I will post it sooner! So, let's not delay any longer. Take care, and come back tomorrow for the last of the four Series X models. The final one is the best one, at least in my opinion.