Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gloomy Bear

Just because you plan to post every day doesn't mean you always get to. But I will keep on trying! So after a couple of very busy days I have returned with another old model, Gloomy Bear. This model is based on the ultra-cute, ultra-violent character by artist Mori Chack, whom I adore. The actual one is more curvy than my rendition, as you can probably imagine, but if you are tired of imagining, go check out Mori Chack's official site and see for yourself. Here's the link"

I didn't bother updating the links on this template, so I hope no one gets lost. Anyway, I am still trying to cobble together my first episode of Boxpunx TV. I have done a lot, but I still have a bit more to do. It's definitely taking longer than I expected. But we're almost there. Maybe this weekend, maybe not. I need to be careful making promises because I am not very good at keeping them! I am just too scatterbrained. *sigh*

I guess I better get back to work then. Thanks for visiting!