Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pumpkin head

Okay okay! I am back! I just had to take a wee little break. Most of which was spent editing the first episode of Boxpunx TV. I am so excited because it is almost done, and actually looks pretty cool. I have certainly changed it repeatedly as I have gone along, but I think I have decided on a solid format and should be able to go through the next episode and so on much faster. I hope so at least, but we shall see. Anyway, here's yet another of my very first models. Have I uploaded one of these minis yet? I can't remember...

All that's left to do is record a little more narration and film myself doing some form of introduction, which I didn't want to do until the rest of it was done. I see no reason why I shouldn't have episode one ready by this weekend. Maybe I'll post a model tomorrow, maybe not. Allow me just a little more time as I finish up this stage of my ridiculous project. Oh! And if you're curious, I am trying to keep the show at around 15 minutes in length. So much work for something so short!

And so far it's been totally worth it.