Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mystical Papercraft Anubis

Just before my previous site burned down, I started making some Series Ten models. There were only four models made, all of which had an Egyptian theme. Will I ever return to this series? I doubt it. I think they're fine just how they are. Plus the ideas I had then don't seem quite as exciting now. The four I made were the best ideas. Honestly I don't think I will do any more series. I will probably just do individual models that stand alone. The plan is to make more intricate models so I have a reason to make the how-to videos!

Then again things change, and anything could happen. If a good idea emerges and that means making a series, then so be it. I just want to avoid anymore false starts, because I have certainly got off to a few (ie. Heavy Paper zine, *hangs head in shame*). Ultimately this is why I took such a long break. I needed to truly clear the mind and get a fresh perspective and all that. 

A couple of things about this model: fold the tongue inside and push through the slit just below the closed eye in the pyramid. Also, the part at the top of the template is his head dress. This part is optional, but I think he looks better with it. Just glue the side pieces that look like wings to the white rounded tabs, fold down the triangular piece at the bottom of the ankh, then glue the whole piece to the the top of the head. Does that make any sense? I hope so!

I have been playing a really fun Nintendo DS game called Fantasy Life. It's like a mini-MMORPG on the go. It was made by Level 5, a company I am rather fond of, and even though it is pretty dang cutesy in its presentation, overall it looks good, and is enjoyable and engrossing. If you are an RPG fan, like me, you'll dig it. Here's a trailer.