Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Color is Awesome

This model is called Rainbow. Pretty clever huh? This model was made way back when I did Series One. I have been editing all of these templates to have this website address instead of my previous one. I may even add a bit more instruction where I thought it could be useful. Only once or twice did I have a font issue, since my installed font list has changed dramatically since the creation of many of these models. Typically I would vectorize any type to avoid this, but there were times when I did not!

Anyway, the temptation to change colors or symbols or add something new is with me constantly. Ideas like changing the color palette but not the design arise. But I resist the urge and leave everything alone. And I started thinking, if I was going to change anything, what would I improve about the template? I have already improved it once - simplified really - and now having built a few of the old ones and a few of the new ones I feel like the old version is the better, sturdier model. The only reason I changed it in the first place was because I started receiving emails asking me how to fold the legs. I did figure out a way to make them easier to build but lost a bit of the cleverness of the original in the process. Oh well.

Last night I made a list of models worth making how-to videos about. Once I got to a dozen possible ideas I stopped. So I am going to try and make twelve videos, each one building something fairly different. As much as I would love to fill them with humor and nerd talk, I will probably be focusing on the models, because that's what people come here for, right? Or is it for the little video I add at the end of every blog post for whatever reason?