Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Eye in the Pyramid

Here's another one of those final four models I was talking about yesterday. I called this one the Third Eye Pyramid. Sometimes you just have to name a thing then move on. What's an Egyptian themed series without a pyramid? Well, here's my version of such a thing. It should be pretty easy to assemble without detailed instructions. Just remember to cut the tongue out so it can loop around and shoot out of the mouth. But if this isn't your first Boxpunx, then you probably knew that already!

The long strips you see on either side of the main model comprise the base. Glue the smaller piece to the longer piece so that you have a solid square. Then insert the base into the three slots on the bottom of the main model, with the stripes facing forward. And the back of the wings should glue to the front of the wings, making them double-sided. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing!

I plan to start filming my first "how-to" tomorrow. If it turns out well, I should have a video ready to post by the weekend. But for now I think I am going to go play something. It's been yet another long day and I need to unwind! Take care and thanks for visiting!

I adore Mates of State. This is a Daniel Johnston cover called "True Love Will Find You in the End". I hope they are right.^^