Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bonk and Bomberman

Yesterday was just too busy of a day so to make up for not posting anything I'll post four models today! These guys use Chris Beaumont's lovely Cubeecraft template, and were created to show off my love for two game series, Bonk and Bomberman. Bonk appeared first on the Turbographx-16 and later on the Super Nintendo and Game Boy. Bomberman has appeared everywhere and on every system.

One of the very bad things about having a website go down and then starting over with a new one is none of the links back to your site from other people's blogs and things don't work anymore. So I plan to try to upload all the collaborations I have done over the years so anyone who is looking for them will now be able to find them.

I am in the process of editing my how-to video, so I am going to keep this post's word count low. Here is a video by the guys at Game Sack talking about the Turbographx-16 video game system.