Thursday, April 2, 2015

Boxpunx TV episode 4

Ah! I'm late! I should have posted this yesterday, but I was so tired I passed out before I wanted to. So yeah, episode 4 of Boxpunx TV is now online! It's a bit longer than the other 3 but only by a few minutes. I edited it down to only what I felt was truly necessary, and chose to cut out any funny business and focus on the model. Still, it's 18 minutes long, and there is still a tiny bit of funny stuff, because I just couldn't resist.

Here is the model assembled in the video. I've seen a lot of pictures of Boxpunx online but rarely do I ever see the Dollpunx style. That's either because it's too hard to build, or the design just isn't very popular, which is fine with me. I admit, it's a bit weird. But like every model I make, these are experiments! And hopefully the end goal is some kind of perfection. Will I ever achieve it? I don't really care. But I do thoroughly enjoy the pursuit. And of course, I do hope I find it. Whatever "it" is.

In the next video, I plan to build my favorite model, Ultima. After that I may start to experiment with the videos a bit more. I'm going to try to be more creative. And I'm going to avoid using clips from outside sources. I still may use some of the old news broadcast stuff, but other than that I really need to do it all myself. The challenge is how can I make these videos entertaining for people who have no intention of building these models. And still build some models. Hmmm...

So many quests, so little time.